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Happy Easter from Living with Cancer!

Posted by: Living With Cancer Guest Blogger on Apr 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

Geaux Teal Marches to Strike Out Ovarian Cancer

Posted by: Living With Cancer Guest Blogger on Apr 17, 2014 in Support

On Saturday, Geaux Teal and LSU’s softball team organized the second annual Geaux Teal Ovarian Cancer Walk at Tiger Park on LSU’s campus.

According to Geaux Teal, more than 650 runners, walkers and ovarian cancer supporters participated in the event to beat ovarian cancer. Below are some photos and videos of the event, courtesy of Geaux Teal.

Radiation Meets the Runway in Cancer Fashion Collection

Can cancer be beautiful? How about fashion-forward or avant-garde? One University of British Columbia professor thinks so and has made cancer the focus of her latest collection.

Call it radiation meets the runway. Designer Jacqueline Firkins, an assistant professor in the university’s Department of Theatre and Film, designed and created 10 dresses inspired by microscopic lab photos of cancer cells and other body systems for a project called “Fashioning Cancer: The Correlation between Destruction and Beauty.” Firkins said she hopes this merger of fashion with science will help create a platform where people feel comfortable discussing “a disease we are all one step removed from.”

Cancer Q&A: Why Do I Have So Many Different Doctors to Treat My Cancer?

The following information is provided by the Cancer Services of Greater Baton Rouge and was published by The Advocate.

It’s true that the sheer number of people on a cancer patient’s healthcare team can be overwhelming at times. However, they all play an important role.

Q&A as Geaux Teal Readies for Second Annual Ovarian Cancer Walk

Geaux Teal is a relative newcomer to Baton Rouge, but in a little more than a year of existence, the organization has already made big strides in educating women and spreading awareness about ovarian cancer. Geaux Teal, which was started in January 2013, has partnered with the LSU softball team to “Strikeout Ovarian Cancer” and held its inaugural Geaux Teal Ovarian Cancer Walk, which raised more than $17,000.

Geaux Teal will host its second annual Ovarian Cancer Walk at 9:00 AM Saturday at Tiger Park at LSU. Event day will include a short program prior to the start of the walk, a customizable course suited for walking or running, an outdoor concert, and an exciting LSU Softball matchup against University of Georgia. 

The Living with Cancer blog caught up with Geaux Teal’s Lauren Taylor a few months ago to discuss the organization’s mission and how it’s bringing ovarian cancer awareness to Baton Rouge women.

Anything for Love

Some friends are more like sisters.

In February 2014, one of Gerdi McKenna’s friends wrote an email requesting a photo shoot for all her friends as she was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months before. McKenna’s friends not only came to be photographed, but they also had a surprise to unify the group.

Study Suggests Bariatric Surgery May Lower Uterine Cancer Risk

Posted by: Living With Cancer Guest Blogger on Apr 03, 2014 in Diagnosis, Surgery

Women who undergo weight loss surgery may have a reduced risk of developing uterine cancer, according to a new study published in the journal Gynecologic Oncology.

Counsel and Heal reported that researchers, taking computerized data from more than 7 million patients, discovered a potential link between bariatric surgery and the specific cancer.

Celebrate Life this Weekend at Woman’s

Posted by: Living With Cancer Guest Blogger on Apr 02, 2014 in Support

Go for gold this weekend and celebrate your or your family member’s fight against cancer.

Woman’s Hospital will host Celebrate Life this Saturday from 12:00 to 3:00 PM in the hospital conference center. Celebrate Life is a special celebration honoring women living with cancer, cancer survivors and their caregivers and family members of former patients.

My Mom Is Having a Biopsy; What Should She Expect?

Posted by: Living With Cancer Guest Blogger on Mar 31, 2014 in Diagnosis

The following information is provided by the Cancer Services of Greater Baton Rouge and was published by The Advocate.

My mother is going to have a biopsy soon, and I am very nervous for her. What does it entail?

Does Being Obese Cause Colon Cancer?

The following post was written by Durado Brooks, MD, for the American Cancer Society.

Suppose that, during your next doctor’s visit, you look at your medical record and your doctor has written “53- year-old diabetic white female, here today for a check-up.” Would you be bothered by that description? Probably not. Your doctor is just discussing your medical condition, right? But what if, instead of “diabetic” the note read “53-year-old obese white female?” How would you feel now? Hurt? Angry? Sad? Would you think, “Why is my doctor being so mean?”

For many, the term “obese” brings to mind a massively overweight individual (like “Fat Albert” in the old Saturday morning cartoons). In reality most obese people don’t look like Albert.

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